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What Has He Done For You Lately?!?

In 1986 I was the tender age of six years old, but I absolutely remember the hit song by Janet Jackson entitled, “What Have You Done for Me Lately.” I know many of you remember that song. It was off her album, Control. In this song, she is expressing her disappointment for not being treated the way in which she feels she deserves. She feels neglected, and unappreciated. It is a song that many of us can dance to, but when you listen to the words, Janet is not in the mood for dancing.

Aren’t you glad that when we think about that song as it relates to what God has done for us, we can dance and sing different lyrics? Lyrics that speak to his great grace, mercy, love, and faithfulness towards us. So, let me ask you, what has God done for you lately? And because He has been so good, let me add, “Ooh, ooh, ooh, yeah!” Our God is so good that we do not have to think of it from a position of yesterday, or last week or last month. What has God done for you lately means in this very moment, breath, and season of your life.

Get out of that pity party and get your dance on. Our God is faithful, and for some of you, He is doing a NEW thing in your life. You are literally springing forward and upward. Has he given you restoration, healing, and/or hope? Has he accelerated somethings that man cannot take credit for if he tried? Oh, my sisters and my brothers, what has God done for you lately?” Janet Jackson sings more about what someone use to do, but we can sing more about what God continues to do. I trust and believe that despite whatever situation and circumstance you are going through, God continues to show up for you. Even when it does not feel good, all things are working together for your good.

I want to challenge you to start a monthly brag book. Let me tell you its okay, to BRAG on God. Its okay to get so overwhelmed with joy that you cannot keep it to yourself. Its okay to let the world know that the God you serve continues to perfect those things that concern you. (Psalm 138:8) Please do not fret or give up in this season in your life. I trust and believe that you have so much to be grateful for.

When you BRAG on God, it takes the focus off man.  When you BRAG on God, it takes the focus off your emotions. When you BRAG on God, it humbles you. When you BRAG on God, it eliminates pride. When you BRAG on God, He can use you.  When you BRAG on God, He will exalt you. When you BRAG on God, He can surprise you. When you BRAG on God, you strengthen the weak. When you BRAG on God, you are a witness to the lost. When you BRAG on God, He inhabits your praise! If you have not already, this is a great time to start your BRAG book.  As we enter a new season and the second quarter of 2023, shake the dust off your feet.  Let me say that again, “Shake the dust off your feet!” You have not forgotten how to dance. You have not forgotten from whence all your help comes from. You have not forgotten the one who created you and formed you in your mother’s womb!  Its time to BRAG on God.  If you do not, the birds will.  Just take time to listen to them in the morning.  Trust me, they are bragging all day long.  Stop looking for God to only bless you one way, or to bless you like he did someone else.  If that is His choice, so be it. However, we serve a God that may send a dove, or a raven! Nevertheless, you got fed! The Lord either provided the confirmation you needed or gave you strength for your journey ahead. I just need to know, what has God done for you lately? Its time to BRAG on Him. 

Live Life on The Promise of IMPACT!

Min. Carenda Deonne

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