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STOP Ignoring the RED FLAGS!

Edit your Message I would have never imagined that at 38, I would be going through divorce number two!  Yes, you heard me, divorce number two.  Many of us have heard the statements, “Marriage takes work.” “Put God first.” or “Don’t let the devil destroy your marriage.”  But what if the devil had nothing to do with it.  What if we just decided to ignore the RED FLAGS!  I am not telling you something I thought of, I am telling you something I know.  A lot of my brokenness in regards to relationships was not because of the devil, and it was not because I didn’t pray, its because I chose to ignore the RED FLAGS!  Have you ever dated someone and not one, but several instances something happened that left you with a not so good feeling?  That was for a reason!  But the question is, why do we ignore those signs of warning and danger?  For me, maybe it was because I wanted a partner in ministry. I wanted a support system,  and/or I rushed things because I was grieving the loss of my brother.  What were your reasons for ignoring the red flags?  I am not in anyway telling you to get a divorce or walk away from your spouse.  However, if you married someone and ignored the RED FLAGS, they are not going away with a snap of a finger.  And the reality is, there is no guarantee that it will get better.  I told a friend of mine a while ago, “maybe its meant for me to be single.”  That’s a lie.  I also said, “I am a failure.”  Guess what?  That’s a lie too.  If you are currently separated and going through a divorce, don’t give into the lies.  LOVE on yourself DAILY! If you are dating someone and there are RED FLAGS, DON’T IGNORE THEM!  Don’t become Mr. or Ms. Fixer-upper!  That is not your responsibility.  You are setting yourself up for failure.  I know its tight, but its right.   Never apologize for your value, and never apologize for getting out of a toxic relationship.  The beloved Maya Angelou said this, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” Get Up…Get Moving…Live Life On The Promise Of Impact! Carenda Deonne#redflags


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