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My “Quiet Season”…A Male’s Perspective…

Wow!  The feedback I received from last weeks message was so eye opening.  I realized that sometimes the world forces emotions on us that may not be true to how we really feel.  Some of you have had difficulty embracing your quiet season.  And that is REAL TALK!  I want to share with you feedback from a B.A.D.D. guy!  

“I do try to take inventory of what’s going on with me and what’s left, but sometimes I don’t want to face the truth about what the inventory list shows.  Low self esteem, people pleasing, wanting everyone to like me, trying to prove myself and some more stuff.      Sure this leads to unhealthy cycles because most of us learn by what we see or what we have been taught.  When one has adapted to a way for so long it becomes second nature so to not follow the cycle is abnormal for us.  But when I do take the inventory and look at the decisions that I’ve made and wonder why did I do it that way?  I find myself looking at my family or close friends.  That’s where that cycle began.  So now in my quiet season it does allow me the opportunity to address those issues.  Not all of them will be resolved right away, but one by one they can be worked on.      There is an old saying, “Prepare for War in the Time of Peace ”  this will take me to what your 3rd point is.  My inner voice tells me a lot, but because I want to be so spiritual, I try to make a decision in such a spiritual way that basically God just wants me to use common sense, and not try to make it so heavy. Simply put, if the sign says,  “Dead end” don’t keep going”. (DJ)

To all of my B.A.D.D. Girls and Guys out there.  I hope reading someone else feedback IMPACTS your life.  We are not about crossing every “T” and dotting every  “I” but we are about being true to ourselves!  No matter where you are in your quiet season, you are NOT alone!

Now here is where you can play a part! Please don’t limit yourself only to my discoveries!!  What vital lessons have you learned in your “quiet season”?  For those of you who share, I will add you to my project entitled, Top 10 Self-Discoveries That You Learn in Your Quiet Season.  This project will be sent out to the hundreds on my email list.  Think about how you can make an IMPACT in someone else’s life.  I hope you were able to gleam some wisdom and insight from this week’s message and remember, we are on this journey together! I hope to hear from you.  Email me TODAY!

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Get Up…Get Moving…Live Life On The Promise Of Impact! Carenda Deonne#MyQuietSeason

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