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How To Take Aim Against Anxiety!

As you know our nation is in a state of turmoil. Even now there are several states who are seeing a rise in individuals contracting COVID-19. There is a sense of worry and fear from the ones we love, to the neighbors that live next door to us. Even as I reflect on the interview from Coast Live yesterday, Cheryl the host stated that she has a friend who gets overwhelmed with anxiety even just by wearing a mask.

Anxiety is truly a serious matter. We cannot just sweep it under the rug and think it will go away. If you do not deal with anxiety, it will began to affect not only how you process things, but your attitude, behavior and lifestyle. You are not irritable just because you are hungry! It’s also time to check your anxiety levels. Here is something that I absolutely want to point out.

As we know, anxiety is an intense/persistent worry and fear over everyday situations. In addition, worry and fear not only come from a place of being scared or nervous, but also frustration. When anyone is consistently in a state of frustration that is a dangerous place to be. As you all know, I believe we are purposed to live life on the promise of IMPACT! However, you cannot be impactful if you are frustrated. It takes all of your energy to even be productive. Let me tell you from experience, frustration truly has a way of keeping you distracted.

So here are my questions for you.  What has you anxious right now as you read this?  Is that anxiety coming from a place of fear or frustration? How has your productivity level been this month? As your #1 change agent I care that you TAKE AIM!  I care that you confront those inner battles in order to live life on the promise of IMPACT.  Make sure to watch the video to see the three tips I give on how to win over anxiety. However, if you need professional help, don’t delay.  Now is not the time to ignore what needs to be addressed.  There is nothing wrong to set an appointment and seek professional guidance.  Rather if you’re experiencing mild or severe symptoms of anxiety, now is the time to confront and conquer.  Let’s TAKE AIM!

Your #1 Change Agent,

Carenda Deonne


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