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Pulse Check…

Many of you can remember the feelings you had starting a new job. Not only is there a learning curve to mastering systems and platforms, but you also meet new people and begin to build new relationships. I remember myself and another co-worker starting a weekly meeting called a “pulse check”. When she came up with the idea, I was excited and said yes without hesitation. Every Friday at 10am we would talk about our challenges, progress, and bounce off creative ideas. She was also new to the company, and it felt great to have a support system. It was refreshing to know neither one of us were alone. There were times we had to talk one another off the edge, but I also knew she was someone I could learn and glean from. Our pulse checks were refreshing, productive and uplifting.

As we approach the end of the year, I want to encourage you to also schedule weekly pulse checks, but with God. This is a great time to check in with Him. This is a great time to still yourself and consider how you can use this time to learn, develop and continue to grow in love with Christ. Use this time to communicate, reflect and listen to one another. Are you on edge about something? Is there something you need to talk to God about prior to deciding? Is your heart heavy concerning a relationship? When is the last time you and God checked in with one another? As you are taking time to reflect, I want to challenge you to schedule your 30min weekly pulse checks for the month of December. Therefore, you should have at least four pulse checks scheduled in this month. This is a time for complete honesty and transparency. God wants to know your emotional state. He also desires to raise your emotional intelligence. Remember, from the heart flows the issues of life. God wants to know your mental and spiritual state as well. This is your time to check in with Him in a real and unashamed way. I truly believe God will release His abundant wisdom, peace, and healing over your life.

Let’s take a moment to clearly define what a pulse check is, and the why behind it. A pulse check is like taking the temperature of a situation or group to gauge its current state or mood. It’s a way to assess how things are going or how people are feeling at a particular moment. In addition, it’s a quick and often informal way to gather insights and ensure connectivity and sentiments for all parties involved. Can you imagine how healthy it will be for your mind, body, and soul to take a pulse check? Don’t delay, this is a God appointed time in this last month of December for a much-needed release.

I believe the pulse checks we schedule in this month will be healing for our very soul. I trust God that in these next four weeks, these pulse checks will be life changing for each of us. It is going to set a sure foundation as we enter 2024. God does not want us going into the new year burnt out, stressed out, or taped out. The pulse checks will help to not only recalibrate us but build our level of emotional resilience to bounce back from the vicissitudes of life. Don’t use this time to focus on looking back on what could of, should of, or would of in 2023, but I challenge you to see it as a part of your journey.

I also had to learn how to do this. Let me give you an example. Recently, I took a pulse check, and started thinking about my journey as an entrepreneur. When I first sat down to release my feelings, thoughts, and emotions to God, I initially felt a heaviness. I thought about the doors that didn’t open, and the financial debt I incurred. However, what is so powerful about pulse checks, you may start off feeling a certain way, but God truly is the lifter of your head. In that moment it was as if the Lord was saying to me, “Okay, you have looked at the glass half empty, but now I need you to look at the glass half full.” Wow, what a revelation. When I did that, I thought about how blessed I was to meet so many people, how I received testimonies on how my business and ministry has brought hope and strength to those who wanted to give up, and the conferences I was able to host and the lives that were saved. Before I knew it, my pulse check became a refreshing experience. Most importantly my pulse check, with God, shifted my perspective.

If I can leave you with anything, please remember this. When you show up for your pulse checks with God, show up with expectancy. Show up with speaking life. Show up by shifting your mindset form lack to plenty. Show up with faith no matter what it may feel or look like. Show up with the certainty that God has been waiting on you and is willing and able to do the impossible. Your pulse check is not a time to focus on failure. It’s an intimate moment to spend time with God and truly delight yourself in the journey that He has entrusted you with. It is a time to value your purpose, pain, and process. Remember, if you stay fixated on your wounds, you will never learn how to wear your scars well. I look forward to us, by God’s great grace, crossing over into 2024, but don’t miss your opportunity this year to allow your pulse checks with God to cultivate a season of health, wealth, and harvest.

Live life on the promise of IMPACT!

Carenda Deonne


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