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Do you remember your first love?

Now that I have your attention, I am sure many of you may think I am getting ready to “wow” you with a love story. Well, actually I am. Being a hopeless romantic connects you to love in so many forms and experiences. Love truly is a beautiful thing. Love is patient and love is kind. Oh, and did you also know that it keeps no record of wrongs? Isn’t that refreshing to know the purpose and power of love?

I’m sure many of you can remember your first love. The giddy feeling you received just hearing that person’s voice and the uncontrollable ways you would blush just seeing their face. However, lets shift for a moment and not focus so much on an individual, but your true calling. If I may ask, what would you say your first love is? What is it that you can do and it brings you joy? What is it that you do even if you have little or much, and are completely fulfilled? What is it that causes you to desire more, learn more and accomplish more? It is time to return to your first love! It is time to push the reset button and listen to your heart. 

I know I was born to be a motivator, and gifted to speak. However, I must not forget my first love which is to minister to women! When I broke up with my first love it really hurt and I focused on a rebound of thinking I could just do the next good idea; but how many of you know, rebounds don’t last! I am so excited to launch the member’s only of the TAKE AIM brand not because it’s a good idea, but because it’s absolutely my first love! I know that women all across this nation will be blessed because I am in love with what God has called me to do. That means, I will be able to flow organically and never force an attraction!  I hope that this message will also motivate you to return to your first love!  Whatever your heart is telling you to do, to trust, to be vulnerable and give 100%, DO IT! 

Blessings to all my lovers!

Your#1 Change Agent

Carenda Deonne


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