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Are You Comfortable In Your Quiet Season?

Have you ever met someone that seems as though they cant be alone?  They have to be with someone in order to feel complete!!!  They may not even be remotely interested in that person, but at least they are not alone right?  Although it is in our human nature to desire companionship, one lesson that I learned the hard way was just because a person is interested in being with you doesn’t mean you have to return the favor.  It’s okay to politely decline and enjoy your “quiet season”. 

Yes, its nice to feel appreciated and even spoiled, but at certain times in our life we need to appreciate the “quiet season” and feel comfortable with ourselves.  I have really enjoyed my “quiet season” recently.  Yesterday, I sat on my patio, closed my eyes and reflected on some things and it felt good.  I was able to get lost in my thoughts, work on my priorities and just focus on being the best Carenda!  

We should not forfeit our “quiet season” just because there is pressure from friends, or family for us to be with someone? Let’s be honest, all company is not good company.  Be wise as you begin to date again after a break up, divorce or even death of your spouse.  Take a deep breath and relax, enjoy your “quiet season” and build yourself up before you go out and try to build something with others.  There are always options, just be mindful of the ones you chose.

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Get Up…Get Moving…Live Life On The Promise Of Impact! Carenda Deonne

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