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Would You Take A Vaccine for COVID-19?

As I write you this Good Friday evening of April 10, 2020. I am writing you from the balcony of my humble abode. As I look out over the City, and take a moment to adjust my pink framed readers, I could not help but think about my beloved family, friendships, church family, my beloved Sorors and those that I hold very dear to my heart. All of us in some form or fashion has been affected by COVID-19. Just last week my own family had a scare. My great aunt and cousin had to be tested for the virus, but thankfully they both tested negative. However, there is a family friend who has the virus, and is still currently in the hospital.

Just today alone in the state of Virginia there has been 467 new cases reported in one day! And please understand we should not look at them as cases, these are our family members, neighbors, friends, and communities. As a total country over half a million people have tested positive for COVID-19. On top of that, now I am hearing my home town, Baltimore on CNN, as one of the new “hot spots” for the virus. My parents, brother and other family members are there. Just this past week more and more reports are coming out how it is killing Blacks and Latinos rapidly.

Family, what is really going on! Why are there so many unknowns? I was talking to my friend Markkita earlier today and I said, “they keep saying the curve is flattening, but that’s because we are all sheltering in place. So what happens when they announce return to life as usual?” I personally feel sheltering in place is helping to suppress the virus from spreading, but not curing it from infection. Now, I could absolutely be wrong, but I do believe millions of dollars is being placed in testing so that a mandatory vaccine be placed on all of us to get. The other thing that has been heavy on my heart is the amount of people from the ‘aftermath” that will be drugged up on prescription pills for depression, grief and anxiety.

Please know this message I am writing is not to place fear, but to get us to think about what our “new normal” might really look like.  So my question to you is if a vaccine was made available, would you take it? Would you feel like this would be the best way to keep you from contracting COVID-19 in the future? Please vote, and lets talk about it.  No matter where this message finds you, my heart and prayer for you this day is that you are safe and healthy.   I need you to survive….

Your #1 Change Agent- Carenda Deonne #takeaim


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