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Why You Must Never Show a Hint of Desperation, Especially When Things Are Bad by Mike Loomis

Before we get into the blog this week by Mike, I want to personally thank all of you who are a part of the “Take Aim” Movement. Yesterday evening myself and Serial Entrepreneur, Thomas Calhoun,  had an up close and personal talk on why we make choices out of desperation as it relates to our business. One of the powerful things we talked about was Focus + Identity = Alignment.  If you want to know specifically how to TAKE AIM, Click the link above and listen to the entire podcast! Remember to share the podcast with your friends, and on your social media pages. 

2020 is going to be an exciting “YES” year for us! Stay tuned for other major announcements with Carenda Deonne LLC (seminars, TV Show and more!) Join us next Thursday @ 8pm on Anchor for our podcast as we talk about detoxing from desperation when it comes to relationships. Please join me and my special guests Melody Dennis Spencer and Lawrence Burrell (LB). Until next time, enjoy the blog below from Mike! This blog will continue to empower you not to make desperate choices as it relates to your business.

Nearly all emerging brands fall into the same trap. Understandably so. Unless you’re a serial entrepreneur, it’s natural to feel at least a bit hesitant about any new venture and especially tentative about a personal brand.

There are warning signs.

Your words and actions plead, “Please like me! I’m on the verge of giving up, and I just started!”

The word “please” is everywhere, even if you spell it differently. Consider how these examples position your brand in the eyes of your prospective clients and investors:

  1. You over-explain yourself. Edit your stories with a critical eye. Your audience doesn’t need 500 words on your “About” page.

  2. You under-explain your value proposition. Spell out what’s in it for them, and do it consistently on every page of your website and across all social media profiles.

  3. Your bio photos are worthy of the caption, “Will work for food.” Project a successful image, and don’t choose all your website and social-media platform stock images from the same staged sitting.

  4. Your call to action is missing or simply states how much you’d “love it” if the reader subscribed, liked, or followed you. Give them a good reason to click and reward them for doing so. The single biggest trap.It’s desperation, pure and simple. What’s the solution? The good news is there are many ways to drop the begging from your website, social media, and email messages. The right approach for you and your online brand outposts depends on which issues you’re struggling with internally. In every word, image, and action meant to launch your business, ask: “How would an already successful person introduce him- or herself?” Now, make it personal.Flip the examples above to apply your own unique voice to each element:

  5. How would your bio read if you just won the lottery but still wanted to offer value to people simply because you enjoyed it and believed in the product or service?

  6. What kind of photo would you post after you’ve made your first million?

  7. What kind of cold-call email would you send?

  8. How would you reply to inquiries?Answer honestly, and you’ll discover the true you to present to the business world. The whole truth.Understand that potential clients and readers will run away from desperation. Confidence not only precedes action, it inspires it. Confidence is the chicken, and action is the egg.You might worry that it’s misleading to act confident before you feel it. Reflect on this: Is being scared the true you? If you believe your voice, talent, heart, and experience will help people, it’s more false by far to hide and act intimidated by the challenges before you.It’s scary to put yourself out there. But don’t let your fear sabotage your brand and your business through false humility and desperation.

Live Life On The Promise Of Impact! Carenda Deonne – Your #1 Change Agent


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