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What Three Things Must You Learn in Your Quiet Season?

Wow! I truly enjoyed your feedback from last week’s motivational message! Many of you are truly at peace while in your “quiet season” and that is wonderful! One reader wrote, “I am very comfortable in my quiet!!!” (Debra Edwards). Isn’t it wonderful to have a sense of comfort! The definition of comfort means, “A state of ease and freedom from constraint”. I want to encourage all of you to have a state of ease in your season of stillness. As we continue our talk about our quiet season, I want to share with you three things you learn about yourself. I think it’s important that we unpack these discoveries because it will only sharpen us in wisdom and in truth.

#1: Take inventory!

The first thing I’m discovering in my quiet season is to take a self-inventory. Inventories are important in life. For example, in business, conducting inventories lets us know what’s missing or what we need to order to replenish our supply. This goes the same for conducting self-inventories of our lives, and what better time to perform a self-inventory than when things are quiet. Why, now you have time to analyze and determine what you need to replenish and what you don’t need to “order” anymore. Why didn’t the last relationship work? Why did we make the decision to rush into that marriage or that relationship? Did pride or selfishness play a part? Do we need to take that vacation and re-energize ourselves” I know it’s easy to play the blame game, but real maturity comes with self-inventory. Remember, self-neglect is dangerous!

#2: Be aware of unhealthy cycles!

The second thing I’m discovering in my quiet season is my awareness of unhealthy cycles. Taking self-inventory will lead you to this realization. We often hear about, and see, generational cycles of just bad or unhealthy decisions. Recognizing those unhealthy cycles can go a long way in making sure they are not repeated. Recognizing that you seem to be attracting the same “type” of person or recognizing the fact that you seem to select the same “type” of job that makes you miserable. These are only a few, but this is something that we cannot ignore, or merely “sweep under the rug!”

#3: Don’t ignore your inner voice!

The third lesson I’m learning in my quiet season is stop ignoring my inner voice. All of us have a measure of instinct and discernment. STOP ignoring it. If you hear your inner voice telling you to be cautious or more patient or to RUN! You better listen! I had to learn the hard way that ignoring your inner voice can be devastating. Stop running from tough conversations. When your inner voice is speaking to you, that means it’s time to go beyond your feelings and emotions and ask questions. Furthermore, it means to giggle less and TALK more! Our inner voice levels itself as protection and our safety net all in one!

Now here is where you can play a part! Please don’t limit yourself only to my discoveries!!  What vital lessons have you learned in your “quiet season”?  For those of you who share, I will add you to my project entitled, Top 10 Self-Discoveries That You Learn in Your Quiet Season.  This project will be sent out to the hundreds on my email list.  Think about how you can make an IMPACT in someone else’s life.  I hope you were able to gleam some wisdom and insight from this week’s message and remember, we are on this journey together! I hope to hear from you.  Email me TODAY!Are you ready to turn negativity into your greatest momentum?  If so, make sure you sign up for my FREE eCourse June 24th-28th as we talk about the “flip side” to negativity.  In this course you will learn exactly what is negativity and the many ways it can present itself, how we think about negativity, how we respond to negativity, and how does negativity shape our purpose.  You don’t want to miss this powerful FREE eCourse.  Space is limited so sign up Today!  Click Here!

Get Up…Get Moving…Live Life On The Promise Of Impact! Carenda Deonne


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