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What Does Love Have To Do With Intuition?

I know this is the month of love. And while many of us are ordering flowers and enjoying the delicacy of chocolate, I want you to take a moment and love on yourself. Love the created masterpiece you are. Love the heart of forgiveness and compassion you have, and please love the purity of your intuition. Will you agree with me that we were all born with intuition? How beautiful that God did not leave anything undone concerning us. You and I have the ability to comprehend and understand things that are intimate and forth coming. Let’s be honest, how many times have you said, “I wish I would have listened to my intuition?” I know I have said it a thousand times. So the fact remains that even though we were all born with intuition, all of us may not adhere to it.

You do understand that you can have knowledge of something and still be disobedient? This is why I want you to take some time and love on your intuition. Your intuition is not meant to cause you doubt or dismay, but to give you clarity and direction. Just imagine with me for a moment two glasses of water. One glass of water is so pure and clear and the other glass is cloudy and murky. The essence of your intuition is purity. What causes our glass to become murky is when we doubt, not respond to our intuition, or put more trust in the opinions of others above what our own intuition is telling us to do!

If you were at a restaurant and the waitress or waiter brought you a glass of water that was not clean, would you drink it? The answer is no. You want your water to be clean and pure. The same holds true to your intuition. It desires to protect and purify you from the things that could taint or tarnish you. In this month of love, please take some time and LOVE on how powerful your intuition is. I want that love to be so strong that you have a made up mind that you will no longer ignore its purity. You will no longer second guess its motives and or intentions. When your intuition says yes, wait, no, go or run, I hope you will appreciate the purity from hence that advice comes from. I am bold enough to say where love is so is trust. Some of you have been lacking in love towards your intuition, due to lack of trust. However, I promise you your intuition will never lead you wrong. You may not fully know in the beginning why, but trust me there is a reason, a purpose and a plan. So if I can share three quick tips with you regarding your intuition it would be this:

  1. Don’t ignore that still quiet voice.

  2. Journal the moments when your intuition is speaking with you.

  3. Be careful on how much you share and with whom you share it with.

Live life on the promise of IMPACT!

Your #1 Change Agent

Carenda Deonne


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