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Welcome May!

Welcome to the month of May! Many of you who know me personally, know that I take crossing over from one month to the next seriously. This is a time to express your gratefulness and ramp up for what the new month will bring. For those of you who listened to the podcast last night, I agreed with my guest, Jeff Beamon, that May will be the month of ANTICIPATED ACCELERATION!

So what does that mean? Hopefully you have already established things that you are anticipating. If not, you are a day behind. Therefore, I need you to get in tune with your purpose and passion right now as you are reading this blog. Trust me when I tell you this, if you hit the snooze button on your life’s purpose, you are going to miss out on divine opportunities. Stop saying, “it can wait”, or “I will get to it tomorrow.” Anticipate that the urgency is now. Anticipate results and outcomes overtaking you. Anticipate that as you speak into the atmosphere what you are desiring and believing for, those words have merged with faith, and evidence is taking place.

Yes, I could have focused this blog on doom and gloom and why you need to isolate yourself at that time, but absolutely not! If we are going to witness anticipated acceleration in this month, everything your inner being must be charged, and set a blaze. You do understand that change happens from the inside out? As you are anticipating acceleration, you are also taken inventory of your inner space and witness.

So, if you rather watch the news on COVID-19 all day that is your choice. If you rather read stories on social media all day, that is also your choice. But as your #1 change agent, I dare you to TAKE AIM. I dare you to take that lemon of discouragement and turn it into anticipation. I anticipate you making better decisions as it relates to your mind, body and soul. I anticipate you learning something new in order to remain relevant in your field of passion. I anticipate you thinking outside of the box and not being afraid to take risks in order to see different results! If you have a made up mind that this is your month of anticipated acceleration, then act like it! I can’t wait to hear your stories of acceleration! They are coming! Trust me! They are coming!

For some of you, maybe it will take a little more effort that reading this blog. If that is you, it’s okay. Reach out to me and let’s plan your Motivation Meetup. If you are ready to TAKE AIM, I am ready to motivate you! Email me today at and let’s make an IMPACT Together!


Your #1 Change Agent,

Carenda Deonne


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