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The Power of Reflection

As this year comes to a close. I am sure there are so many things to reflect on. I want to challenge you to take out pen and paper, settle yourself in a quiet place, and spend some time purely reflecting. Reflection is healing for the soul. It is one area that we spend the least time maximizing, but yields high profitability.

Reflection is not always easy. Some of us may see it as looking back, or focusing on the past, but I challenge you to see it as a part of your journey. Your journey this year, even though filled with joy and pain, encompasses your beautiful journey. I want you to reflect on your journey for 2019.

Let me give you an example. Recently, I took time to reflect on my journey when I published Far Above Rubies Magazine. When I first sat down with my pen and paper, I immediately thought of failure. I thought about all the things the magazine didn’t accomplish and the financial debt I incurred. However, can I submit to you that there is always a “flip side?” In that moment it was as if the Lord was saying to me, “Okay, you have looked at the glass half empty, but now I need you to look at the glass half full.” Wow, what a revelation. When I did that, I thought about how blessed I was to meet so many people, how I received testimonies on how particular publications brought hope and strength to those who wanted to give up, and the conferences I was able to host and the lives that were saved. Before I knew it, my reflection was no longer resentful, but refreshing. It felt like the pen could not keep up with all the things I wanted to capture in that beautiful moment.

If I can leave you with anything, please remember this.  Never see reflection as failure.  It’s an intimate moment to spend time with God and truly delight yourself in the journey that He has entrusted you with.  It is a time to value your purpose, pain and process.  As my aching hands finally came to a rest, so did my spirit.  Reflection will allow you to rest in God’s perfect peace as you continue this journey we call “life.”  I look forward to us, by God’s great grace, crossing over into 2020, but don’t miss your opportunity this year to be refreshed when you take time to reflect.

Live Life On The Promise Of Impact! Carenda Deonne – Your #1 Change Agent


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