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The Power of Detoxing Emotionally

I recently have been traveling to several women’s events talking about the power of detoxing emotionally. One thing that I have been announcing to ladies globally is, “It’s time for us to upgrade!” It’s time to get unstuck and become unstoppable. It’s time to walk in wisdom, clarity and the fruits of the spirit. It’s also time for the principle of seed time and harvest to be consistent in our lives. However, for these blessings and more to overflow in our lives, we must detox emotionally.

Many of us have experienced several life traumas that has left us feeling hopeless, depressed, angry, lazy, complacent, and grieving. It is so important that we identify the emotions that have stemmed from such experiences in order to heal and move forward gracefully. If you have ever participated in a natural detox, it probably made you felt lighter, increased your energy, gave clarity, and eliminated any toxins that hindered your body from maximizing its created purpose. However, on the flip side, what women tell me most regarding what they didn’t like about detoxing was the PROCESS! Before you could partake in the benefits of the detox, you had to make a choice to say yes to the process.

Let me share with you my definition of detox. To detox means I am making a choice to invest in myself and stay committed to a process that yields long term benefits, even when I may feel uncomfortable temporarily. Whatever type detox you participate in always remember, it’s a choice. No detox feels good in the process, but if you hold on and hold out, you will feel, think and act in a better state of being. The question is are you willing to be vulnerable? Are you willing to be uncomfortable for a short period of time to yield lasting benefits? Detox is not about instant gratification. Bishop T.D. Jakes says, “Process is respect.” Just like the benefits we gain from participating in a natural detox, so is it for participating in an emotional detox! We can not upgrade if we are not willing to heal, take accountability and work on ourselves first!

Did you know that the heart is the hardest working organ in the body? Just think, if we hold onto bitterness, unforgiveness, secret envy, and hate, how much harder will our hearts have to work in order to keep us alive? Why put more pressure on your heart when its already the hardest working organ in your body? This is not the time for you to die prematurely, but its time for you to let go of some matters of your heart, in order to have longevity!

When I present this workshop to women, not only do they complete a personal affirmation statement, create a 30-Day Emotional Detox Regimen, and set sustainable boundaries, but I share with them how I had to detox emotionally from going through two failed marriages, failed business relationships, and the tragic loss of my baby brother, Evan Pittman. However, when I decided to TAKE AIM and throw those lemons back at life, I truly upgraded. Not only am I in a healthy and God-ordained marriage, but my business is also thriving, and I am feeling the best I have ever felt in years.

As we embrace the second quarter of 2022, its time to upgrade. Its time to detox emotionally and thrive. The bible tells us in 3 John 2, “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest proser and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” The time is now to rid yourself of any emotional toxins that is holding you back! Say YES to you! Trust the process, respect the process, and detox emotionally!

Waking in the Ezra Anointing,

Min. Carenda Deonne Beamon

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