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The “Flip Side”

Someones negativity towards us is something we ALL have endured.  It doesn’t feel good.  Not only can it rob you of your overall happiness, but it can take the breath right out of you.  Over time the negativity of others can even manifest its self inside of you and make you have a negative outlook on everything. The familiarity of negativity then becomes so normal that it can seem abnormal when things are peaceful and there is NO DRAMA in our lives.  Its almost like we expect the worse.  Here is some food for thought, even when something negative comes your way, or if you go in expecting that something negative is going to happen, why not go in with the mindset, “I am not going to let this outcome, response or situation play on my emotions, but rather I’m going to turn it into momentum to keep moving forward!!!”

Appreciating the “flip side” of negativity took me a long time to embrace.  Initially, at the first sign of negativity, I would automatically be defeated.  As I had time to reflect, on the “flip side”,  I came to the conclusion that you overcome negativity with compassion.  My mentor Les Brown once said, “Don’t let the negativity given to you by the world dis-empower you.  Instead give to yourself that which empowers you.”  You empower yourself by not letting the negativity fester within you and ultimately turn into anger.  You turn negativity into momentum with the belief that somewhere and somehow, you will be able to empower someone else on the “flip side”. I know someone reading this will say, “WOW I needed to hear that!” Listen, I told you once and I will tell you again, I am on this journey with you, and we are going from brokenness, abuse and divorce (B.A.D) to boldness, authenticity, deliverance and destiny (B.A.D.D.) together!

So here is  my question.  Are you ready to turn negativity into your greatest momentum?  If so, make sure you sign up for my FREE eCourse June 24th-28th as we talk about the “flip side” to negativity.  In this course you will learn exactly what is negativity and the many ways it can present itself, how we think about negativity, how we respond to negativity, and how does negativity shape our purpose.  You don’t want to miss this powerful FREE eCourse.  Space is limited so sign up Today!  Click Here!

Get Up…Get Moving…Live Life On The Promise Of Impact!

Carenda Deonne



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