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The Beauty and The Beast of Disappointment

No matter how you slice it, dice it or divide it, disappointment is never easy. As I have stated earlier this week, we all have had our fair share of disappointment.  I am bold enough to say that some of you may feel you have had an unfair share. However, I am not looking to stimulate your emotions, but your mindset. 

Let me ask you a question, the moment you receive, hear or experience disappointment, what are your first thoughts? Do you immediately think you are defeated, disoriented or desperate? Do you in haste pick up the phone to call someone to vent, get on your knees and pray, or just hide into a cocoon?

I want to be very clear, disappointment triggers emotions that if not careful can cause you to digress. Do you understand that you can have digression in your thought process? Your mind has to be strengthened daily. Your mind has to be fed encouragement daily. Your mind has to be challenged daily. When you challenge yourself mentally, you will learn that disappointment does not have to stress you, but it can stretch you. It can stretch you to think bigger, prepare better, study harder, and reach higher!

When disappointment hits your door step, put your thinking cap on. I am not saying to ignore your emotions, but I rather you take a bird bath than soak in them. Can I submit something to you that you may not agree with? There are some disappointments that if you take a moment to really evaluate that situation it really was a blessing in disguise. You might see it as a disappointment now, but there are somethings you will look back on and see how it has turned into your greatest advantage!

Some areas in our lives in which we have experienced disappointment might take time to heal, and some disappointment might be a lifetime adjustment, but never let it consume you to the point where it robs you of your passion, and sends you spiraling emotionally out of control. Take Aim and learn how to think differently when you experience disappointment.

Live Life On The Promise Of IMPACT!

Your #1 Change Agent- Carenda Deonne


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