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Take time to just ‘be’

I think it can be said that we’ve all been living in a culture of…

Do… do….do….

It has become a background chant of…


With the constant “Do more” message, which can then live in the back of our minds, it can be challenging to find true, genuine moments of peace.

The good news is, with awareness, and understanding, we can turn this around.

Rather than “do” and “more”, it can be, “be” and “less”.

The truth is, we feel a lot better with “less”, meaning, more space in our lives. We feel a lot more centered with time to just “be”.

We can shift our pattern of doing, to one of being comfortable with being.

It may feel uncomfortable at first, though it is well worth taking time to just ‘be’, and making this a new habit.

You will ultimately feel refreshed, connected and deeply renewed, in touch with the magic of life.

A blessing for you: May you embrace the opposite of the cultural slogans of “more” and “do” – and find true balance in yourself and your life. Try ‘unplugging’, even for just a day. Remember what it’s like to fully embrace your own being, and the natural world around you. By doing so, may the space open up for your innate creativity and joy to flow and flourish!

Many blessings always,



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