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I want you to imagine me looking at you face to face, eye ball to eye ball and saying to you in my most authoritative voice, ” STAY MOTIVATED!”  Sometimes people think motivation is only needed when you hear bad news, or something happens that knocks you off course.  Oh no!  You can be experiencing increase, open doors and good news, but you still need motivation. You can become weary in well doing, that is why we are encouraged not to.  It is in your well doing that you are finding difficulty balancing work and life.  It is in your well doing that you are not spending time to pour back into yourself.  It is in your well doing that rest is being compromised, and sleep becomes a fantasy. 

This is why no matter what season you are in, motivation has to be a part of your lifestyle and not a lifeline.  You have to daily gleam on motivation. You have to hear it, speak it and surround yourself by it. For that reason, as your #1 change agent, I am intentional in sending you motivational minutes, affirmations and media related material that will keep you motivated!

Do you think that only those going through hard times and depression need motivation? No, the person who just received that promotion, the person who just signed a major contract deal, the person who just published their book needs motivation also. DO NOT GROW WEARY…..STAY MOTIVATED.

Here is the question I have for you.  What motivates you?  Can I be completely transparent, I am motivated by rejection.  There is something that rises up when I experience rejection that says, “we are not going out like that!” I began to educate myself, ask questions, set goals, pick up the phone and talk to someone.  Simply put ladies and gentlemen, I TAKE AIM! When someone tells me no, I am not in return forcing them to change their minds, I am forcing myself to change my mind!  What do I need to do differently in my life and or business?  When you began to incorporate motivation as a lifestyle and not a lifeline, you are no longer thinking from a limited perspective, but an unlimited perspective!

Wherever this message finds you, just remember, I am ALL IN YOUR SPACE!  If you are flying high or taking baby steps, STAY MOTIVATED!  If you are experiencing highs or lows, STAY MOTIVATED!  If you are experiencing acceptance or rejection, STAY MOTIVATED! Gleam on things that will inspire you.  Reflect on things that will encourage you, and breathe in things that will invigorate you! If you take heed to this message, your perspective pertaining to trails and triumphs will shift, and your reservoir of motivation will began to run over! STAY MOTIVATED!

Live Life On The Promise Of Impact! Carenda Deonne – Your #1 Change Agent



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