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REWIND….Turning Negativity into Your Greatest Momentum….

Last year or so, I started releasing messages on how to turn negativity into your greatest momentum. I wanted women to know that ALL things work together for your good, even those things we consider and even can attest to as negative experiences. I started asking women, how do you define the word negativity?  Do you think all negativity is bad?  Do you feel that negativity holds no weight or purpose?  Have you ever thought about how negativity can work in your favor?

Have you experienced something even in this first quarter of 2023 that was a negative thought or experience?  I don’t know about you, but I have.  I am going through something right now that only the great grace of God can keep me from staying in a negative state of mind. The word negativity is defined as the expression of criticism of or pessimism about something. Even as women, there are times when we tend to see the worst aspect of things or lack hope or confidence in the future. Experiencing negativity can cause us to be disappointed, but it also can fuel us to do something different. Let me say that again, I do believe that there are times where a negative experience or situation will really show you what’s in you; what you are made of, and what really matters to you. It can motivate us to take that risk.  It can challenge us to go after our heart’s desires.

Don’t allow negativity to weed you out. Instead allow it to produce a due time harvest. Ladies, it’s time to turn those weeds into seeds! In this year 2023, everything you go through and encounter counts towards your destiny. If you think for one moment, that the negative experience you are going through is getting ready to block your progress, absolutely not. I am bold enough to believe it will not only make you stronger but EXPAND you in God’s prepared plan for your life. Let’s look at the definition of a weed.  A weed is defined as a plant that is not valued where it is growing and is usually of vigorous growth. Especially one that tends to overgrow or choke our more desirable plants.  Now, let’s look at the definition of a seed.  Seed is defined as a source of development or growth.  Whatever people say you can’t do, let it mature you.  Let whatever you think you can’t do be the very thing that inspires you.  It is unrealistic to think you can do everything but it’s realistic to know that you can do something’s well! As you turn negativity into your greatest momentum, remember it’s imperative that you remain your authentic self.

This is a time and place in your life where you cannot afford to be stagnant.  You are at a place in your life that you have so much more working for you than against you. When something is said negatively about you or your purpose, believe that God is changing every insult into results.  I speak a declaration daily professing that every, and I mean every insult will turn into results. The God that I trust in is my warmaker, pathfinder and sand writer. Even if my accusers say, “stone her”, the Lord will just stoop down and recreate the plan. And before its all over, those that are quick to point the finger and say what you are not deserving of, won’t be able to throw one stone. As a matter of fact when God brings you into that place of restoration, the Lord will inquire where did your accusers go? Don’t let anyone or anything hinder your progress. Fear no man, but God! Stop cheating yourself.  Stop choking the good stuff; even if you have to work your way through the bad stuff to get there. “Don’t let the good stuff you have die with you” as Les Brown says, but seed it, water it, and be fruitful.  I know some people may think you don’t deserve your success; you personally may also struggle with enjoying the fruits of your labor. However, I am saying to you in my most assertive voice, YOU DESERVE IT!

Life is not always easy, but thanks be unto God who gives us the victory. (1 Corinthians 15:57) You can not see negativity as your final destination. Instead, you must see it as lessons learned, increased faith, and a vitamin called momentum, that just won’t quit. Moving forward, anytime negativity desires to raise its head, I need you to take a dose of momentum. The refills on this prescription to heal you from negativity is limitless. Take a daily dose once, twice three times a day in between your prayers, meditation and praise and watch God turn negativity into your greatest momentum! We will get through this. Take courage.

Carenda Deonne

Speaker/Author/Minister/Life Coach

Helping Women Alleviate Stress Who Are Broken

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