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Only One Word

What is the one thing that people can say about you? People who do not know each other, but have a common thread when your name arises? You may not believe this, but there is always someone paying attention to you. As we know, some people are flat out nosy. However, there are others who genuinely admire you. Regardless of the category that person may or may not fit in, you are being observed. You are being observed on how you handle yourself. You are being observed in how you treat others. You are being observed even when you don’t say a word. Remember growing up, our parents use to tell us that actions speak louder than words.

We are facing so many challenges right now. Some of you may say you can’t recall when the last time you had balance in your life. Or the last time you went on a real vacation. For some of us the house is overcrowded and just retreating to the laundry room has been a tranquil experience. After all the ups and downs. After all the highs and lows, what’s the one thing that remains constant about you?

For me, I am resilient. It is absolutely in my blood! After going through two failed marriages, health issues, financial hardships, tragedy, and not seeing several of my personal goals heighten, I know what disappointment looks like. However, I never allowed disappointment to hibernate me. I never allowed it to cause me to be dormant or to run and hide. Truth be told, I allowed disappointment to awaken me. Even when I went through the tragic loss of my brother, grief was attempting to cause me to give up, but resilience always prevailed. The things I ask myself is what lessons have I learned in this situation. How can this situation be a catalyst for me rather than a crutch? Everything in my body, mind and spirit awakens and says given up in not an option! One of the things I promised my brother Evan, while he was living, was that I would go back and get my graduate degree. When he passed away, my emotions said, what’s the use, but the resilience in my mind said, you can do this. And today, I am three classes away from receiving my Masters in Law degree from Regent University.

Let’s even think for a moment about the three Hebrew boys. Many of us know the story in Daniel Chapter 3. King Nebuchadnezzar put out an edict that when the sound of music is played all must bow and worship the golden image he had made. When the King confronted the three Hebrew boys they said, “We do not need to defend ourselves before you in this matter.” (Daniel 3:16b) The Hebrew boys were relentless that the only God that would serve was the true and living God. And at the end of the story the King also acknowledges that! When you have a chance read Daniel 3. There are so many wisdom nuggets to be discovered.

When it’s all said and done, there will be times when people might say things about you that feels good and they may say things that may not feel so good, but who are you? What do you stand for? What does your character say about you no matter what season you are in? How are you going to respond to the truth and the lies? But most importantly, what do you know about yourself when it comes to your relationship with Christ Jesus? Are you a man or woman full of faith? Do you wait patiently on the Lord? Do you give thanks is all things concerning you? Do you have a forgiving and compassionate heart? Do you trust the Lord with all of your heart? Remember, the most confident thing is trust. So again I ask you, if someone could choose one word to describe you, what would it be? For me, my word is resilient. What is your word?

Live life on the promise of IMPACT!

Carenda Deonne Your #1 Change Agent


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