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Let’s “Unpack” This Thing We Call Negativity…

Oh my! Oh my! I can hardly contain myself! It’s June, which means my birthday is almost here and I have so much to be thankful for!!!! The launch of Carenda Deonne LLC is just a few days away and I absolutely refuse to have a negative outlook or attitude concerning my family, life or business. As 40 years of age inches closer and closer, I feel great in my body, soul and spirit! I chose to choke negativity with the abundance of gratitude! What about you?

In this entire month of June we are focusing on how to turn negativity into your greatest momentum; to push forward and achieve the impossible. Whatever it is that you are desiring to accomplish it takes momentum. You will either allow negativity to suffocate you, or cause you to gain that momentum necessary to succeed. You may say, “How can I turn negativity into momentum?” Ladies and gentleman, it’s all about perspective! Let me ask you two questions? What is the most negative thing someone has ever said about you? What is the most negative thing you have ever said about yourself? Let’s unpack the negativity, take ownership of it and use it as momentum.

During this entire month, I am going to personally teach you how to change your thought process in regards to the negativity in your life. Specifically, we are going to discuss:

What is negativity?

How should we think about negativity?

What is the flip side of negativity?

How does negativity shape our purpose?

As a gift from me to your during my birthday month, I am gifting you with a FREE eCourse June 24th – 28th.  That’s right FREE!!!!!   You do not want to miss out on this eCourse or any of the video blog posts this month.  Did you know that negativity is the expression of defeatism, but positivity is the practice of being optimistic? I submit to you that positivity is something we practice and develop, but negativity is something that is expressed through ones thoughts and feelings. We each have the ability to eliminate negativity by being committed to our destiny and purpose! Thank you for your continued support and I am so looking forward to being on this journey right next to you. 

Get Up…Get Moving…Live Life On The Promise Of Impact! Carenda Deonne


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