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I Almost Got SCAMMED!

Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love doggies.  Well, I was seriously putting thought in getting another dog.  This time I wasn’t looking for anything big and fluffy like my previous dog Jase. Instead, I was looking for something small and petite.  I had been on this website called 

I was seeing some of the most adorable four legged furry doggies you have ever seen.  I came across some eye catching toy Yorkie’s.  When I saw their faces, I couldn’t resist.  I contacted the person inquiring about the pups and she stated she had sold her litter, but she had an old aunt who was looking to re-home her Yorkies. I proceeded to contact the aunt and inquire more information.  The aunt stated she had one boy toy yorkie that she wanted to re-home.  I was super excited.  

We talked briefly and had a conversation about the puppy, his temperament, heath status and favorite things to do. I started sending pics to certain people saying, “I’m getting a puppy! Look at how adorable he is!” A couple days progressed and the owner and I agreed on payment for the dog. The next morning she asked me to send the funds through BTC? In other words, Bitcoin? My first thought was, “what the heck is bitcoin?” I immediately started asking other people, and of course I googled it. Come to find out its a virtual currency that is not federally regulated; therefore if something goes wrong your funds can not be traced or tracked and you are at a lost.

Immediately, my instinct told me HECK NO!  Some questions I thought to myself were why do you want to complete a business transaction using bitcoin?  Why are you telling me to look on Youtube because its easy to do? And of course how do you conveniently know where one is located in VA, but you live in a total different state? 

Years ago when I was vulnerable, I would have fallen for it, but i have been through too much to fall for the okie-doke now!  I don’t ignore my instincts or those “RED FLAGS” anymore.  I almost got scammed, but life experiences has taught me to WISE UP!  Let me be clear, it is not illegal this virtual or cryptocurrency people are using such as bitcoin, but scammers have been widely noted for using it also.   

If you are reading this email and you are facing something at the moment and your instincts are telling you don’t do it, or take caution, WISE UP and don’t be fooled. Who knows if this doggy even exist, but what I do know is my money is safe in my own bank account! WISE UP!!!

Live Life On The Promise Of Impact! Carenda Deonne


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