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How to Craft Impactful Speeches!

All week we have been talking about how to craft impactful speeches. Wow, it has been amazing to stretch your thinking and creative ability. I shared with you earlier this week that you must see your speech as a work of art. When you stand before an audience, to be unprepared is a disappointment to all parties involved. I also shared that you must be comfortable in your own skin. There is nothing wrong with getting information and inspiration from those you consider experts, but if your goal is to replicate them, you are cheating yourself. You are robbing the world and mankind of your authentic sound!

Believe me, I had to learn this the hard way. There was a time in my life that I wanted to not only sound like others but dress and have mannerism like others. Can I please set you free on this beautiful Friday?!? Take Aim by understanding there is only one YOU! Take Aim by understanding that an original work of art will always be more expensive than a print! Why would someone call on you to speak like someone else, when they can reach out to the actual person and get the real deal? Listen, as I tell you over and over again, making lemonade is a choice! Take Aim by standing in your own voice, own shoes and own truth!

There are eight things I feel you need in order to craft impactful speeches. Now, to get more detail I encourage you to listen to the podcast. However, these eight tips are powerful and has changed my delivery in speeches instantly. I have been teaching, motivating, preaching and training for over thirteen years. There is an art in crafting powerful speeches. If you are ready for your speech to leave a lasting fingerprint implement these principles starting today!

8 Things to Help You Craft Impactful Speeches:

1. Do not ramble

2. Craft your skill

3. Your speech must move you first

4. Leave politics out of it

5. Build your climax

6. Talk to people not at people

7. Be authentic

8. Ask yourself, how do I want to be remembered? 

Live Life On The Promise Of Impact!

Carenda Deonne – Your #1 Change Agent


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