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:) Happy New You!

A Special New Years Message From Carenda Deonne

I know it would have been “politically correct” to say Happy New Year!  However, I just believe that in 2020 your story will change!  Therefore, I think it’s only fitting to say, Happy New You!  This is not about making New Year’s resolutions, or placing unrealistic expectations on yourself.  No, this is about the pages of a new chapter coming alive before you.  Does this mean you are exempt from trails and suffering? Absolutely not, but I just believe as you are reading this, a fresh outpouring of Grace is renewing you. One area in which your story will change is your mind-set.   In this New Year, your mind will do a complete shift.  You are not burdened with the pattern of this world.  Your mindset is above temporal things and mediocrity thinking.  The New You will be intentional about everything because you are focused. You will be sensitive to distractions and be able to shake them off as dust. Not only will you have a new mindset, but you are getting ready to experience a New Body!  Not only will the New You consist of physical prosperity, but if your FAITH has been under the weather, get ready for the sun to shine again! As you read this, you will awaken things that have been dormant for way to long, and you will bury things that have kept you in bondage for way too long.  It is time for you to COME FORTH! Did you really understand the depth of what I just pronounced?  Let me say it again!  It is time for you to COME FORTH!  Unwrap yourself from any “stinking” thinking and let the NEW YOU Come Forth in 2020!  Happy New You!!!!!!

Live Life On The Promise Of Impact! Carenda Deonne – Your #1 Change Agent

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