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Carenda Gives Her Expert Advice On How To Self-Publish Your Book!

As I stated last night during the Take Aim podcast, I congratulate you for self-publishing your book this year. Becoming a published author is such a great accomplishment! However, you must not stop there. You have work to do. Listen, if we are going to TAKE AIM regarding any lemon life gives us, we cannot be lazy in the process. In order to TAKE AIM, there has to be a relentless ambition to utilize Force in order to make an IMPACT!

Are you really going to let the lemons of doubt, rejection and intimidation hold you back!? Well, your #1 Change Agent will answer that for you; HECK NO! It is time to publish your book! If you are ready to put in the work, then keep reading! I am blessed to have self-published two books, be a contributing writer for another book, and soon to work on my fourth this year.

I have learned a lot when it comes to self-publishing. The first thing you need to ask yourself is why are you even writing your book, and who cares? Are you writing your book because you are an expert in a particular subject matter? Are you writing your book because you are able to help people resolve a particular issue or situation? Are you writing your book because you are addressing a current trend or world issue? Are you writing your book to tell your own story? What is your why, as my beloved brother Evan would say, and who cares? Who is going to care enough about your book to actually purchase it? Who will care enough about your book to want more and tell more people about it? So before you invest any money with any company or service be able to answer the why and who cares.

Once you have done your ground work, now it’s time to do your homework.  There are so many companies out there providing their services, but take time to compare costs, and research what services they provide.  Take time to read reviews of previous customers and find out how much they will charge to print one copy.  Remember, you want to make at least $5.00 or more on each book that you sell. Last but not least, once you have completed you groundwork and your homework, you are now ready to do your footwork!  It’s most imperative that you follow these steps in order.  So let me unpack footwork.  That means it’s time to get your brand and voice out there.  Plan and implement your branding and marketing calendar, invest in a quality website, and yes business cards!  They are not out of style. See what media outlet you want to do consistently such as YouTube, podcasts or blogs.  In addition, work on a one sheeter, or do like me, get someone from Fiverr to do it.  Okay, take a deep breath.  I know that was a lot of information.  If you desire any personal consulting on your self-publishing journey, I am here.  Contact your #1 change agent and let’s TAKE AIM together!       

Live Life On The Promise Of IMPACT!

Carenda Deonne

Your #1 Change Agent

888-473-2221 or


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