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5 Ways To Become More Self-Aware (Part 3) by Anthony Tjan

I can’t believe it.  We are wrapping up our series on self-awareness!  This has been a very enlightening series.  As we become more aware of ourselves, we truly can make an authentic IMPACT!  This series was not intended to boost your ego, but to be intentionally transparent.  How many times have you become frustrated with yourself?  I know I have.  No one is going to change that frustration but you!  This year is wrapping up.  What are you going to do differently in 2020 by being more self-aware?  How is self- awareness going to IMPACT your attitude, behavior, business and relationships? Please take time to hold yourself accountable.  It is time to break some cycles and it starts with you!  Lets see how self-awareness can help us in the work place! (Carenda Deonne)

Enjoy the blog below.

Get regular feedback at work. In addition to informally and periodically asking friends and family, use the formal processes and mechanisms at your workplace. If none are in place, see if you can implement more formal feedback loops. Provided it is done well, constructive, formalized feedback allows us to better see our own strengths and weaknesses. At my own venture capital firm, Cue Ball, we have begun encouraging entrepreneurial founders to institute a formal, annual 360-feedback process that provides feedback across multiple areas of competencies and work styles.

The keys to effective formal feedback is to a) have a process, and b) have an effective manager of it. The latter either requires really good internal HR people, or bringing in outside facilitators and consultants. We’ve found the approach with external folks to be more effective at both small and large companies, because they come without the baggage of pre-conceived biases or reporting lines. Once the feedback process is completed, it is important all involved to reflect on it by writing down their top takeaways. Note both any surprising strengths and any weaknesses or blind spots.

In the end, we all want self-awareness. Without it, one can never fully lead effectively. It’s only with self-awareness that one can journey closer to a state of “self-congruence” — in which what we say, think, and feel are consistent. Building self-awareness is a life-long effort. You’re never “done.” But these five pragmatic practices will help you move faster and further along the way.

Live Life On The Promise Of Impact! Carenda Deonne – Your #1 Change Agent


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