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The Danger of Faking it Until You Make it!

Let me ask you a question. How many times have you quoted the phrase, “fake it until you make it?” For me, I have heard it in conferences, church services, and plenty of phone conversations. I remember giving people hi fives, and thinking that’s exactly what I needed to do. Well, that all changed when I decided to TAKE AIM! When you take time to sit still and think about it, do you really want to “fake it until you make it?” Do you really want to cut corners, give a false impression and even risk your integrity and character? I have come to the realization that sustainable success comes from hard work. If I fake it until I make it then what?

When I accomplish things in life, I want to tell people my true story and the times of struggle that I went through to get to where I am.  Have you ever looked at the definition of fake?  Well, let me unpack that for you.  Fake is defined as not genuine, counterfeit, forgery or sham. So do you really want to make it at the cost of not being genuine, or way of deceit?  I know I don’t want to.  So can I propose that you change your thought process?  Be very mindful what you are saying and agreeing to.  I would rather you be honest and your accomplishments take you ten years, than be dishonest and your success takes you six months.  Faking it until you make it might get you there faster, but so will the unraveling of your fall.

It is time to build honorable character. It is time to be honest about who you are and what you can deliver. If you are ready to desensitize from that phrase, “fake it until you make it,” get ready to put in the work. Get ready to invest in you. Get ready to stand on your convictions. Get ready to be true to yourself at all times, even when there is temptation. Listen, your labor, your hard work and commitment is not in vain. When I was a trainer for Bed Bath and Beyond, we use to tell employees, “don’t over promise and under deliver.” I recently decided to add an additional service to Carenda Deonne LLC to help newly entrepreneurs in their marketing and branding. I feel confident in this new addition because I know I put in the work. I spent four years at the Fashion Institute of Technology with my degree in marketing. I owned and marketed a successful and life changing magazine, Far Above Rubies. In addition, I have self published and marketed two books and participated in other marketing projects and objectives within my professional career. If I “faked it until I made it” I would not be able to share my experience or expertise because I would have nothing to show for it!

If you want to truly shine, it takes more than words. Your words have to align with your actions and you should have something to show for the hard work that you have put in. So please Take Aim; don’t fake it until you make it. It is a very dangerous phrase that will not sustain you. It is time to put in the work, let your words align with your actions, stay true to your convictions and stop lying to get ahead. Let’s get ready to taste the real meaning of what making it is all about! Put in the work and get it done the right way!

Live Life On The Promise Of IMPACT! #honorablecharacter


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