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How Can Negativity Help Shape Your Purpose?

I truly hope you have enjoyed what I feel are life changing videos and real talk on how to turn negativity into your greatest momentum. The goal this month is to really step outside your comfort zone and try a different reaction when you are faced with negativity. Let me share this with you. Growing up, I was told by a teacher that I would never be a great writer. Every time I would receive back something that I had written, it would look like a crime scene with all the red markings. I can remember her meeting with me after class and telling me not to ever pick a career where I would need to write. At the time, I had hopes of becoming a news anchor, but when I found out that there would be several classes pertaining to writing, I swelled up with the fear of failure and decided to pursue a degree in marketing instead.

The words of that teacher were unforgettable and they stuck with me for a long time. Until, I decided as I grew older that writing was in fact an area of weakness for me but in spite of that, with hard work and determination I could turn that weakness into a strength and still accomplish my goals. There are still times that I struggle with writing, but I remember the words of that teacher and I tell myself that I will not be defeated!!! Fast forward to the present the kid that was told she should avoid writing has not only been able to publish three books, with another on the way but she has also published a women’s magazine and been a contributing writer for another. I didn’t mention that to boast but only to show you that sometimes you have to reflect and say to yourself wow, despite the odds, I was able to achieve more than I ever imagined.

Sometimes it’s what people think you can’t do that ends up being your greatest testimony. I want you to reflect on what negativity you have faced in your life and ask yourself did you allow it to shape your future? I am living proof that negativity does not have to be a burden. Use the momentum from negativity to push you to greater heights!!!! Be motivated by the fact that someone doubts you. Be motivated by the fact that an area of your life is a weakness. Be motivated by the fact that you can turn that weakness into a positive.

Be encouraged and allow negativity to SHAPE your purpose. I did!!

Get Up…Get Moving…Live Life On The Promise Of Impact! Carenda Deonne


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